I am looking for some good roleplayers who could roleplay as corrupt/abusive cops.

So recently I totally revamped my server, and made it into a new thing:

Basicly, the American Government recently passed a vote reguarding internet cencorship, slowly after that, there was an exploit in the taxcode, not only did it allow the government to overlook every single purchace that a person has gone through anymore, but it allowed them to tap into phonecalls and communication. As this rampage of opression whent on, they formed a new organization: The FTF, which stands for “Federal Task Force”, all military where resigned to FTF, and their objective is to eliminate anyone who stands in the way of their “control”, after that, it dosn’t take long before armoed APCs drove on the streets, pedestrians wheren’t safe anymore, soon there was a new action taken, all police officers where resigned to as “Urban Reinforcement Units”. Some joined in, others rebelled against them, citizens can hardly walk the streets anymore, they are everywhere, randomly abusing anyone who does the least bit of wrong…

So what’s your job? - Simple, all you gotta do is to walk around and shake people down, randomly do raids and search for rebels, so far we don’t have too many regulars (About 6, Eu/US.), so we need more. The server is still under development, so far we’ve only managed to set up the rebels/governmental classes, still alot to do. We got keen admins and absolutley no minges (Password ftw.), so no worries about that, if you feel like driving a shiny white car, clubbing people with nightsticks and drag them away into a big jailhouse every time that they talk back to you, then this server is your thing. We got roleplaying weapons if so to say, so when you hit someone with the primary function of the nightstick, it will only give them a hit without doing any damage, so you can beat people up without worrying about DM, you will also have access to a nice armory, and a big and evil building with tons of rooms, and a jail.


  • Stopping speeding cars (If they don’t stop, just open up on them.)
  • Randomly shake down pedestrians (Ask them stupid questions and make up dumb accusations.)
  • Raiding stores and establishments. (Basicly, rush in with big guns and tell everyone to hit the floor while you search for drugs, guns and rebels.)

We also want this done in a roleplaying fashion, do not kill/arrest everyone, feel free to be abit rough, though. Make sure to use alot of force and preferably some vulgarity, like “Get the f*ck down on the ground! Now!”, only arrest people who has anything illeagal on them, and leave after a short while.

Urban Reinforcement Unit - Like a regular patrol unit. Has a gun and a nightstick, basicly.
Urban Control Unit - Riot/Crowd Controler, has abit more heavy weapons, but not too heavy. They will respond to backup calls from the Reinforcement Units.
Domestic Response Unit - These are like the urbans, only adapted for interiour combat, they can breech doors and are mainly used to raid drugdens/rebel hideouts.
Federal Task Force - These are the really dangerous guys, they only use deadly force, and is only trained to take down key targets.
Security Guard - These are meant to patrol the headquarters, and by patrol I mean: Investigate noises and fall asleep infront of monitors.

So if you think you can balance the terror of these guys, and still maintain a calm roleplaying atmosphere, PM me.



Are we DarkRP? Yes.
Do we have minges? No… Why do we not have minges? Because they will never figure out our password. Did you lose intrest when you heard it was DarkRP? Good, we don’t want any elistists anyways.
Why not cakescript? We got a remote host, which means we can’t add an SQL database.
Are you some overpatriotic madman who finds this storyline offencive to America? Oh, sorry, I was too busy looking at the “no smoking”-sign hanging on the statue of liberty

We have a heavy edit of DarkRP, gameplay is totally different, so no worries on it being DarkRP, we just like it due to that it gives the player freedom to express their imagination.

PM me if you’re interested.


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Uhm… Okay then…

I’ll do it when I manage to pry myself from the Bad Company 2 Beta and get on the server.

Sounds great, and if you give the comissioner a special FTF coupon, he will charge your stunstick up with 15 extra watts!

…The first part was serious, though: Sounds great.

Cakescript doesn’t need an SQL database. It’s flat file.


  • Stopping speeding cars (If they don’t stop, just open up on them.)
  • Randomly shake down pedestrians (Ask them stupid questions and make up dumb accusations.)
  • Raiding stores and establishments. (Basicly, rush in with big guns and tell everyone to hit the floor while you search for drugs, guns and rebels.)


RLRP + HL2RP = This
That’s what it sounds like, anyway

In one way, yeah, pretty much, only more modern and “real” if so to say. We try to update regularly with scripts/tweaks to add realism. But yeah, it’s abit like the both, only that people aren’t living in some broken ghetto where everyone is poor. It’s like RLRP in a sense since you got a circulating economy going on, several types of vendors/salespeople, and most of them needs eachother, there isn’t any more “Buy a gun, kill the vendor, and loot the store”-things going on like I’ve seen on some servers, we try to eliminate those things. We are also setting up a detailed set of rules of engagement to keep them apart, but yet combining them. But the main purpouse of the server is to have a relaxed and casual enviroment, where a handful of people can enjoy roleplaying, we’re not aiming to be huge or something like that, just to have what we need to roleplay.

And Roleplay Word, I don’t see what’s bothering you with those tasks, if you got any type of critisism on how to improve it, by all means, feel free to share.

This is true of Cakescript. DarkerRP makes use of both.

Ill do this it sounds very fun

Really? Then what was all the yapping about SQLs? I mean, I know how to set one up, been working with them for a year running my own MMO (No, wasn’t too successful >_<.), ah, well, I might try it out, but truth is, I don’t see the point, good roleplaying comes from the roleplayers, and DarkRP is good for what we’re doing. So mehh…

I’m not very interesting about roleplaying a cop, but I am sure interested on the server, do you have any forum where I can apply for the password? If it is appliable.

Right now we’re revamping all of our advertisment/serverness, so just PM me, I will help from there.

Ill do it but iI dont have any of the mods/files for it.

We got a few content packs/patches that will provide it.

I would like to join, on Friday or the weekend, maybe even tomorrow, whats the IP and pass word?

If you didnt have any minges before, and you get people to roleplay like this, you will.

We’re doing it now, and it works great, mostly the FTF sit around in the headquarters, listening to music while talking about their jobs and how their gear sucks, or they’re outside, stopping people, asking them questions, and if they see a firearm, or walk into a rebel establishment, there is some shooting/arresting involved, but it works great, no mingeness so far.

There is no roleplay on the other government classes, only been recruiting for a few days, but we got three FTF people so far, and it’s really fun, and people are serious.



I know they look abit like NPCs, but we’re using Mad Cow’s weapons, so people look normal while holding them.

Sounds fun, PM me the IP and I’d be glad to play.


Oh, and what map is it on?