I am making a map for my gamemode which is not released yet. Any idea's for an admin room?

I am making a custom game mode from scratch which I can not tell you about exactly, for the fact only three other people then myself know about, and it has not been released yet. Anyways, I am looking for some idea’s for admin room(s). Something that us admins can do if bored, or mess with noobs with. I need something that you need noclip to do, and effects the entire map except the admin area. This has to be possible in hammer and not take more then a week to do, please help me out! My admins would really enjoy a surprise. I will try and give as much feed back as possible, but this is my first thread on Face punch so I will have to see how it goes. ^.^ Please help me out and thanks!

P.S: Depending on how much time I have, if there is a really good idea they will get their name inside the map or game mode.

button that floods the map?

create explosions, combine, zombies, stuff that crashes into the map, an evil father gregori (funny how he’s listed under “animal” in GMod), instant kill people in spawn areas, make really annoying noises, get people trapped in a room, drop people from the top of the map, fling them across it, order now and get a free: spawn them in s black room.

Or you can combine (hurr hurr) them all so that it ends up as: you spawn kill them, they get teleported to a room where they’re trapped which also happens to be black (half life black texture) where the fall and get flung arcross them map where they must fend off an evil father gregori followed by combine and zombies, afterwards the room explodes and floods. The best of all worlds.

Don’t make one.


Guys, I think hes dying from the lack of praise. :smug:

Nether the less that tutorial is okay-ish.

Except he uses a dx7 texture

You have to. Source can’t handle a moving surface render real time.

Yes it can. It’s called all dynamic models, all moving brushes, and indeed that func_water_analog.


Please dont write porn to these threads, but try that youtube video, he linked.

Thanks for the support, firegod. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do when people either say

He used a dx7 texture! He sucks!


He didn’t use a dx 7 texture! The water doesn’t work properly with anything other than dx 7! He sucks!

Seriously, don’t bother making one. There’s really no point, and it will almost always be abused by an admin or someone who’s managed to reach it.

you can use a refracting material

a map doesnt need a admin room :slight_smile:

You can’t have a surface that reflects in real time.

a refraction is different from a reflection.

Surprise them with HDR sex and amazing attention to detail, not nooby buttons that murder the helpless clients. It will be abused one way or another.

Many monitors that displays whole map

This, Plus add credits. The monitors would help to show what is going on.

If you want the admin room here’s one that doesn’t get anyone killed.
sv_Gravity 1
sv_Gravity 800

Moonbounce time.

For the record: Stole that from the Slow Motion? thread.