I am making hospital RP would you play it?

I am making an RP (really early beta) Its just all about working in a hospital Jobs would be EMT Paramedic radiologist er clerk Surgeon and lots more I don’t have pic yet so just wondering when or if its released would you play it?

Can I get it on with a hot nurse?

Sure, sounds kinda fun.

That what the rec rooms for :q: Anyway thanks I am planning because all rp is just about guns.

If it’s accurate yes.

I am trying as hard as I can the tools will be defibrillator drug box 12 lead ekg. lab values etc.

Looks like you have some of the bases covered, would be happy to help with accuracy if need be.

I don’t know much about hospitals, and I don’t RP much, but sure.

PM me if you start it up.

You love medicine too? Like I know how to cardiovert a patient ins SVT at 120J with a biphasic defibrillator

My specialty area would be your drug box.
Opioid Agonists
Opioid Antagonists
Beta Blocker

I suggest you add an EEG module as well.

This shall be awesome.


Any other modules suggestions and why are you so advanced medically?

If possible, CT Scan, MRI scan, maybe add some “rules” or actions for players under sedation to be bed ridden for a short while, more of a feature than a module though. Quite tired right now so can probably submit some more suggestions later.

I’ve had a few hospitalizations myself and am treated for a chronic pain condition with a regular regimen of opiates plus quite a few other drugs as well.

What do you mean by rules give me a few.

If the mod is anything like the conversation in this thread, sounds like I will playing either a patient or a security guard. :stuck_out_tongue:



no guns no funs

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Can we feed patents rape drugs?

yea sure id play it…ill even help you out with like ideas and stuff jus add me on steam PM me if u wanna add me :buddy:

And thus, why your RP server failed.

Get your hands on some there great. JK