I am not the bad guy you know(metrocop making friends)

99% is ingame(thanks to weenurs once again for the effects) I only added film grain to make it more cinematic.

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Uh oh, the metrocop is not looking at the citizen.

Cool atmosphere.

Thanks to weenurs that is.

They are bro’s i see.

Nice picture, especially for in-game edit.

Thanks brother.

this is the shit, bro. good job.


“I’m not a bad guy, you know… but I have to see what’s in that refrigerator.”

At least, that’s what I got from his face.

This is one of my favorite Toybox maps.

Indeed it is.

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Wait why is this dumb ? At least say why it sucks.

Yeah, i regret that i did not notice until i opened the thread.