"I am number 4" powers.

I plan on designing a gamemode and maps to go with it soon. The idea is that everyone has powers similar to the powers in i am number 4. They wont all be the exact same but are inspired by the ones in the movie. I can make the maps. I can do most of the gamemode work but not all because all i know how to do for a gamemode is what is on the garrysmod lua series. What i do need help with is the weapons. Things i want:

  1. Hands to glow similarly to the caster hands
  2. View model would be a hand on your screen facing outward.
  3. Fire weapon. Reload= fire explodes out in a small radius around you
    Right Click= fire comes out of your hand similar to a flamethrower
    Left Click= fireball
    4.Energy weapon. Reload=similar to the fire reload attack just with energy
    Right Click=Energy bolt fires from your hand.
    Left Click= powerful melee attack by charging energy in your hand
  4. Telekenesis. Reload= use it as a block sort of attack that if you time it right you can deflect projectile attacks
    Right Click= lift object
    Left Click= throw object
    (3,4,and 5 dont have to follow that exact template just something similar)
  5. If you wanted to you could make another power.

I would really appreciate someone who could help with this. I will help with anything you need me to help with but i warn you i am very inexperienced and no nothing of how to make weapons for gmod. I am very eager to learn though and would really like to help with construction of these.

So pretty much you want the entire gamemode done for you. 90% of the credit must go to them if someone decides to do it.

Not exactly. He just needs one, very advanced, SWEP.

I dont want the entire gamemode made for me. I only want a very complex but awesome swep.