I am paranoid and require advice or information - Found "Cheat Engine" on my system:

First let me start off that I been a user of Steam for over 10 years and never once had a VAC ban or even attempted to cheat in any online game using hacks, etc.

Secondly, my wife is the only other person who uses my home computer and only plays Facebook games, so I’m not going to go there. My son is 2 years old, so no need to go there either.

Now, my wife was complaining for the last few weeks that her side of the computer (Windows 8.1 Pro) has been running slow as snot and the web browser has been locking up and taking ages to load any pages. I finally just gotten around to taking a deeper look into her side of the computer, as well as checking for any background programs, toolbars, disk fragmentation, etc.

I removed one toolbar which was for an Australian “Flybys” thing, which is like an AirMiles rewards program / card here in Australia, so no real big deal. I also removed a number of questionable search options in her Google Chrome Web Browser that may have been slowing things down.

However, the problem is that I was going through my control panel to remove any unwanted programs and I came across a program listed as “Cheat Engine”

Now, I know for a fact that I did not install this program and I actually just finished googling what the hell it was and turns out to be pretty much what its name implies… cheating. It also performs code injections and a bunch of other crap I have no interest in.

Now I uninstalled it the second I saw it in my programs list and knew I didn’t install it in the first place. I’m using AVG Anti-Virus (Free Edition) and for the most part has been reliable for a number of years.

My worry is whether or not this “Thing” is known to be used in Rust and whether or not I risk a ban of either VAC or CheatPunch because it was installed on my system. It was not actively running in my task manager to my knowledge as I went through my task manager before I went into my control panel.

I’m worried because I have a bit of a reputation to uphold for myself and I have certain principles. You will not find my username on any hacking or cheating web site (wait, perhaps I should check that, lol) and I have 63 games running on my Steam profile.

There is no VAC bans noted on my profile at present, but I’m paranoid that this may come and bite me in the ass in a week or a few days.

I’m not going to suggest that my wife put it on, because she’s not into such games, let alone hacks/cheats… and the only thing I can think of is that I pissed a few players off while playing Rust who I called out for glitching, exploiting and laughed at them when the admins caught them and perhaps they somehow hacked my system and plopped this thing on here to pay me back or something. They also threatened to DDoS the server before they were banned. This particular incident occurred just yesterday and was the last time I’ve played (haven’t loaded up Steam or played Rust since) So I’m hoping that I removed this program right away before something happened.


Please tell me I have nothing to worry about and just being paranoid… but be honest. Rust is the only online game I’m playing right now and actually enjoy it. Just about turning 34 years of age next month, working and with a family, I don’t have the patience or time for hacking/cheating and with the very few hours I do have each week to play games, I don’t want to end up with the one online game I enjoy at the moment being taken away.

And yes, for the record, I do expect the occasional person coming in here and claiming I’m a hacking cheater and deserve to be banned, etc. etc… It’s nothing I Haven’t said to others, with the exception that I’ve said it to others who’ve already been banned.

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I think you’ll be good as long as you never started cheat engine, injected into the game and modified the games memory. cheat engine alone won’t cause any bans unless it’s actually injected into the game, which requires the user to do

Cheat Engine is not detected unless you deliberatley use the program to inject anything into Rust, it only causes a VAC ban if you select it out of the list of programs that Cheat Engine can hook to.

You will NOT receive a ban if Cheat Engine is open, but you WILL if you start injecting with it into Rust.

You’re fine as long as you do not attach it to Rust when it is open.

But if you feel unsafe either way, or don’t plan to cheat it would be best to uninstall it so you have a even lower risk of receiving a ban. Or simply don’t run it at all.

Thanks guys… no I never actively ran it, let alone used it to inject it or attach it to anything on my system… and I uninstalled it the moment I saw it in my programs list.

I had no idea how it worked (And I’m also baffled as to how it got on my system in the first place) so I thought I’d ask here to get some feedback from those who know more about this stuff than I.

I’m a graphic designer and 3D modeler… AKA: an Artsy Fartsy guy… not some code / hacker wannabe.

Thanks for the reassurance.

I often used cheat engine to fuck up facebook games, so your wife could have followed some kind of guide to hack a fb game.

You’ve been gaming for 10 years and haven’t ever heard of cheat engine before?

What’s so strange with that, I’ve been gaming for 30+ years, and I first learned of cheat engine about 2 years ago :smile: (using it to sandbox my XCOM games).

It’s so fun to freeze the clock and post the score online to watch your friends get really confused.

I recommend you scan your computer with Malwerbytes as well:

It always find some BS on windows machines.

Cheat Engine isn’t Malware though.

No but he’s implying the means it got on by might be!

yeah I didn’t know of Cheat Engine because I don’t actively seek out such information. If others want to hack or cheat that’s their business and their future ban. I have been on Steam for 10 years but have been playing games since the early 80’s on the Atari, Coleco Vision, Intellivision, Vic20, C64/128, etc.

Hacking a game simply isn’t an interest for me as that sorta stuff wasn’t readily available during most of my gaming life.

I used to use AdAware for my spyware scans back when it wasn’t so useless and found AVG was finding things it wasn’t but I may have to check out another spyware checker as I would still like to figure out how Cheat Engine got on my system.

It’s the first time I had an issue like this in a couple of years. Before I used Registry Mechanic, AdAware and AVG together to keep things running decently, but when I got Windows 8, things went a bit screwy for RM and AdAware.

I have used Cheat Engine, still have it installed, and still use it… But not for Rust. And I’m not banned… Because I dont cheat in Rust. Simple as that. I havent modified any of my Rust files. Just because you have it on your computer, doesn’t mean anything.

Rather unlikely.

iirc vac doesn’t detect cheat engine anyways

it’s modifying ram, not game files

Which VAC also detects.

You can use cheat engine to cheat on facebook games

I stopped reading here. Do tell.

Ur wife downloaded it nuff said

nothing of any major consequence. Just about 80 or so search options Google Chrome added to its list when you load certain pages, like Ebay, and the sort.

Nothing adult sorry to say.