I am pretty new to stuff. I just learned to use hammer, and now, I'd like to learn to make models/skins, and also, I'd like to learn to hex.

I am pretty new to “Making” stuff and I figured Facepunch is the only place for me to learn the basics of making, porting, and hexing stuff.

Um, okay.

How about some specifics, so we can give you a hand starting out?

Modelling: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/939746-Beginners-Guide-To-Modeling

Porting: Just download model importers for your modeling program, or use 3DRipperDX.
Then you scale, rig and export models.

Hexing: Just decompile a model, edit it’s modelpath in .qc, then save and compile.

That isn’t Hexing. That’s recompiling.

Hexing is short for Hex Editing which involves using XVI32, PSPad or similiar to alter the Hex values in a .mdl file to change the models name/path and the materials it uses.

I didn’t say it’s hexing. I told him, that recompiling is finest way to make model not override original. For me, of course.

I do not see where you said this.