I am reporting a players abuse.

The victim in this chat called “Hi Im Erik” found out what “✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^” was doing to servers. This is what happened.

✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: and now im just some disposable piece of crap that you can scrape of your skype list
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: okay, cool. what you gonna do with that footage
Hi Im Erik: Facepunch…
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: send it to your dead nan and cry about it
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: k, link me to the thread when its up so i can roast you on it
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: btw, if your gonna bullshit, make it atleast a little bit believeable
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: and what do you think will happen with that footage?
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: someone will give a fuck?
Hi Im Erik: Yes
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: probably not, because i backdoored YOUR server. not theirs
Hi Im Erik: You Can be Steam Banned
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: steam banned?
Hi Im Erik: You Ip Banned
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: are you fucking mentally ill? probably, because you grew up with rape
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: your family shouldve dumped you in a river
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: it wouldve made my life easier, as i wouldnt be involved with a double crossing norwegian viking
Hi Im Erik: Thanks
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: you gonna add that to the post?
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: you might aswell, it increases your chance of people actually caring
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: good luck becoming the next EA
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: :slight_smile:
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: i could get your post reported for posting my voice without permission
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: and then i could keep doing that
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: and no word would be spread about my backdoors
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: wheres the link to the page
Hi Im Erik: its gonna be Pirvate
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: cool
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: too pussy to let me see?
✪ Dannyb0Y ^.^: good luck running a server with 24/7 ddos

This player has been developing servers for people and planting back-doors in peoples servers. He admits to doing this is the chat above. He has also been making ddos threats towards people as well. I hope something can be done about this.

The steam profile of the offender is here. “http://steamcommunity.com/id/yatabot/

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section/crap thread" - postal))

ayy lmao,

good try. but i dont think anyone will give a shit about what i did.

EDIT: just saying, i dont want this up here. so take it down since its my chat without my permission. okay


This is so cringy,
but besides that I’m pretty sure there is nothing much that can be done other than letting other people know about these kind of practices and the people doing them.

Oh my god lol

i have to say, that was quite cringey, but their threats are extreme cringe