I am requesting a completely custom model

It is a personal model request. I have been knocking the idea around in my head for quite some time now.

I know I will not probably get any feedback on this request, but I am going to go through with it anyway and leave the rest to chance. What I am requesting is a completely custom, standalone model, It will probably be quite detailed, and that will probably shy away most of you from doing this. Ok, here goes nothing

For the head, I would like to have an assassins creed style hood, one that covers they eyes when the head is bent forward at about a 15 degree angle from the original “neutral” position, I would like for the hood to have a kind of cotton texture, also, make it a dark gray. Here is a reference picture of the basic construction of the hood, and the 15 degree angle that I was talking about.

For the face, I would like it to be similar to the face of the band Disturbed’s mascot, here is a reference image.

For the eyes, I would like them to be sort of glowing an orange white color. Make the skin kind of a dark crimson red color.

For the body, I would like to have a buttoned up trench coat that looks like this

Have the hood tuck underneath the collar of this and have it with a wool texture and dark gray as well.

On the right shoulder of the coat, could you put my avatar, minus the black box around it.

For the hands, have them with this sort of glove.

For the feet, I would like to have these sort of boots.


I know that after you are through looking at this request, you probably will not follow up on my request. I am just letting you know that if you choose not to do this, I will hold nothing against you.

If this is made I will shit cement

fer realz yo

I doubt anyone is going to do this, it is a hefty request.

Anyone? would anyone please pick this up?

Straight up first thing I thought was “Good luck buddy!”

But after I looked at it, it actually looks like something someone might actually do. Still a long shot, but it’s a good concept and you provided plenty of great reference images. I might be able to help with your avatar on the shoulder; can you provide me with one that doesn’t have a pitch-black background?

I will have it for you soon ChaosLord.

This is amazing. I mean, the idea, and the depth of the request. I doubt anyone will pick this up, but I’m hoping someone does.



Haha, that is awesome. How many poly’s so far?

Impressive. (is the first pic the textured version or an artistic impression?)

Can’t wait to see how the rest of the model looks. It looks good so far, just as long as it shows up correctly in the game. also, do his eyes truly glow, or is that just a texture.

fuck that will be shit scary

when it’s done, send me the link i’m downloading it

Me too. I can’t believe someone’s picking this up. Of course, it’s good old GordoFremen. Always seems to pop up with models for random requests. Like the Petey Pirahna one. Looking forward to the end result.

Theres a Petey Pirahna model :open_mouth: WHERE?? :stuck_out_tongue: (i have been after one for awhile now)

Search the request section, you’re bound to find it. It’s not rigged, from what I remember, but it’s there, and it was completely recreated by Gordo. No ripping.

Yeah, well here’s the thing- I don’t actually know how to compile or do anything for the Source engine. I’m a modder for CryEngine 2. I’m only here because I model for fun and like to take breaks from modeling other things. If anyone reading this is good at compiling things for Source I will send you the model( max file or obj) and textures and you can take it into Source.

Thread is here:


Damnit, so, are you going to complete this one GordoFremen? Please do and send me the file because I think I know someone who can compile it for source, please send me a PM with the model and Texture of my request! I don’t want this to be forgotten!.



I can’t find it ;(