"I am so f*ckin´crazy!"

Jesus,why did i even posted this shit.

These “I was bored so I made a vid” videos are getting very annoying and they are clogging up this part of the forum. If you’re bored, go draw a picture, go play a game, go outside. But don’t make something that you will later show to Facepunch, cos it will be fucking pointless and a waste of everyone’s time.

I have done work,playing outside,hanging out today,but when i came out from outside to my house i have nothing to do.Just made a pointless stupid/dumb video.So,you just shutup.If you don´t,like don´t watch.
Like you have better things to do?huh?Commenting on a stupid video.Like you have something better do,yeah right.

Translated :

I woke up today 11:30 AM and have been playing gmod since then

Jesus,are you dumb or something?I wakeup earlier. 06:00 am.And no.I don´t wakeup like your geek reflexs to play garrysmod.I play less or slighly more than 1 hour. and slightly means like 5-15 minutes more.
if you don´t belive.You can track my steam stats.
November 3, 2007
Steam Rating:3.4
Playing time:10.9 hrs past 2 weeks
Garry’s Mod 5.2 hrs / 153.1 hrs
Team Fortress 3.2 hrs / 58.5 hrs
Half-Life 2 0.8 hrs / 0.8 hrs
This is my current status.

It’s funny, cos nobody really gives a fuck if you play alot or not. This video sucks, your steam stats won’t fucking change that.

well,becuse i hate when people say like “you´re nerd becuse posting this stupid,pointless video,and your all free-time goes to playing!” No matter that some anonyme guy says that from internet.I get the fucking bread to my house.It hurts me if somebody says that.
** Yeah i know the video isn´t the best quality. **

… No comment.

You just commented.