I am starting a gamemode - Need Devs

Well yes, i am going to try and do a WW2 gamemode. It will be based of Cider. With my knowledge i could get all the models i need, playermodels, headhacking, hexing, reskins, mapping etc.
I just lack a scripter. I really need one. The thing is i cannot afford a scripter at the moment, so all i can promise is a high rank and a cut from the future donations. I understand how annoying it is
when you get such a thing, i really do - it happens to me alot. The thing is, i need a scripter to get along, not something too serious, someone who can manipulate Cider a bit, help me set up maybe NPC
shops, adding a few entities and i’ll take care of the rest. So thanks everyone who would like to join.

My steam is - LiorEluse, Or search RedNinja Or my profile is http://steamcommunity.com/id/lioreluse/.

Do you have money?

Everybody wants to start a new gamemode without any Lua skills or money. True story.

Do you have the ability to read?

I think your space bar is broken, my good sir, as it keeps making new lines rather than spaces every so often.

Do you have the ability to understand economics?

If so, you should know that you’ll need to pay for it.

Hey guys, I can’t pay you in cash, but I CAN pay you in :siren: UNPAID ADMINISTRATION DUTY :siren:

Crowdsourcing scripts should just be a bannable offense, it would clean up this shitpile of a forum considerably.

OP: Nobody is going to put time and effort into writing a script for you with what you’re offering. Learn Lua and make it yourself, or simply pay someone to do it for you.

It seems like people from FacePunch cannot read properly. As i said and i am quoting:
“all i can promise is a high rank and a cut from the future donations”.

Please stop being so arrogant, help if you want, if you dont - i see no reason to post here.

You can’t guarantee future donations and a high rank does not have a monetary value.

OpenAura is bad.

OpenAura isn’t bad. It’s only as good as you make it, just like any other gamemode. Someone could have the best gamemode ever, but if they run the server poorly, then it won’t be good.

Why would a scripter work for YOU to get some donations and a rank, when they could just start their own server with it and make ALL the donations and have any rank they want?

Not to mention that being an admin is work in itself.