I am whitelisted from my own server, how did this happen?

I did not even add a whitelist nor do i know how to turn it on, how did this happen and how do i fix it?

Do you have any custom addons?

I don’t get it, do you not want to play in your server? A whitelist is a list of allowed players.

ik that kila i do not even know how this happened or how to whitelist myself, i have never used the whitelist before.

Smithy yes i do have custom addons

Can you list your custom addons? Have you tried running your server vanilla?

it is not any of the addons because it was running fine earlier

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it just started when i restarted my server

You Sure Your Addons Are not a Banning script
and it said off it saying “You are banned” it says “whitelist”


Try going into your banned ip .lua file

go into your banned users