I am willing to buy this game, question is "Can I run this game?"

I’ve got Lenovo Imac and my specs are :
Processor: Intel® Core™ I7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30 GHz
Memory(Ram): 8 GB
Windows 7 64 Bit operating system
Video Card(GPU): Geforce GT 630M

so I want to run this game on 1980 x 1080 resolution with pretty cool graphics if possible? if I cant run this game then I wont buy it so someone answer me okay? ?

You will most certainly be able to run it, but I doubt at max resolution and max settings. Things will likely change though, since the game will become more optimized.


what what? you dont know what Imac is? okey here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DHzceXMb0I

Lenovo and iMac are two completely separate things, man. Apple makes the iMac, Lenovo makes ThinkPads, ThinkStations, and ThinkEverythingElses

I know and I bought lenovo imac I know I dont spell it correctly but it is lenovo’s imac and that’s where I made mistake cause this computer is just bullshit I dont give a shit about touchscreen

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so you people recommend me to buy this game? I will play it smoothly right?

You should be alright, your GPU is mid-range, your CPU is powerful enough, and you have enough memory to fulfill the recommended specs.

I have GT 630M 2GB on my laptop and i run this game 1024x768, all lowest, grass off, and -force-feature-level3d11 or something, and it runs somewhat near 35 fps. Full HD? No way, maybe in final version

Maybe…but your GPU is low range and your CPU is not super fast. So I guess that you’ll run the game in low/med resolution and later when the game will be more optimized, you could run it in max setting

The game is in early develpment (oh yeah everyone already knows that), and is not well optimized yet, which means that, unless you’ve got a GTX690 or 790 (or similars), the game will run mostly the same to any other middle-to-high pc, which means 35fps avegare at medium to low game config.


Also, there is no product called Lenovo iMac. iMac is a product from Apple, you probably are reffering to All-in-one pcs (as is iMac)…