I appeal to you IGotWorms!!!!!!!

You’re funny. Facepunch cannot remove a VAC ban from your Steam account because Facepunch IS NOT Steam. They don’t manage VAC bans. They merely restrict people who have been VAC banned from Rust from playing Rust.

I appeal to you!
it’s funny you are!
I should not ban for profele steam!
ban stands in Facepunch!!!
Developers can CANCEL BAN!
Once again I repeat I DO NOT HAVE MY VAS bananas PROFELE STEAM!!!

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Here are the photos!!!


(User was permabanned for this post ("Won't stop remaking this thread/cheater" - postal))

Uh okay, so where is Rust? And why does this smell like an alt account?

Do you “speacka” Chinese? :quagmire:

Yeah, fuck off OP, you DID cheat, this is an alt account, you got banned in Rust, and you no longer own it here.

Why do you have 103 notifications.

Look at all those recent steam sale games.

Edit: and none of them are installed

I’m not sure how to respond to this thread… I understand somewhat what he is trying to say, but there is no Rust game on that account?

the fuck is this guy talking about

From what I can understand this guy is salty at worms because worms posted his shady Internet habits to the rust community. In response he is now showing the rust community a screeny of some random steam profile that is full of games that are not even installed on his computer in hopes that the accounts VAC status will prove his innocence.

Ya it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me as well.

This is stupid unban request thread #4 from this guy. He doesn’t understand “permanent” means he can’t weasel out of it if he says he’s really sorry a lot and bargains with us.

He seems to also have had Rust deregistered from his account.

mtpersona, your Steam ID is PERMANENTLY BANNED BY CHEATPUNCH. There are no second chances. You must get a new Steam account. IGotWorms cannot undo your ban.

Basically it’s just another “Why was I banned?” topic

I have tears in my eyes from laughing, seriously. What is a VAS bananas PROFELE STEAM?
Also, how can you be “Lord of the three planetes”? What planetes? What does it even mean?