I appeared to be speedhacking but I wasn't

I went onto a TTT server and started playing, but was soon quickly banned for speedhacking.

Now, I’m not sure why they saw that, but apparently my player was moving quickly like that of a speedhacker. I did not, however, speedhack. Now I’m extremely confused as to why people saw me moving the way I did. When I played, I noticed no speed difference. On my screen, everything was moving at a normal pace, yet people claimed that I moved alike that of a speed hacker.

Is there any reason that may have happened? We will assume that I was truly moving at an unusual speed on their screens, whilst on mine I was moving at a normal pace. I’m really confused and I don’t want to be banned on any more servers.

What I want here, Is your POV and a friends POV to see the difference. Don’t know if you or a friend can record but I’d like to see it aswell.

The problem is gone now (thank goodness) but apparently it looked something like this:

But on my screen, nothing had changed.

If you’re quite a ways away from the server, they could be confusing high ping or a crap computer for a speedhacker.

Can you elaborate a bit about how high ping can be confused with speed hacking like the one showed in the video?

Normally it happens in bursts, but the video shows continuous elevated speed. Those that accuse you after just one burst of speed due to ping are the real assholes.

It’ll require a bit of research to see if it is indeed just ping or something else that’s wrong. Try another TTT server and see if they call you out on it.