I ask an official response to my question (External Crosshair)

My question is very simple.
There are many people that use “external crosshair” --> hardware (monitor option) crafts (sticker on the screen) and software.
The first two obviously are not detected.
It is legal to use a crosshair external software?
I could receive a ban from valve anticheat or even by server anticheat?
I would appreciate an official response by Garry or one of his staff.
Thank you.

I know you want an official reply and all… but yea… It depends which program it is. Buddy of mine got banned for having a hacking tool for a completely different game. but EAC found it.

It’s honestly a gamble. But i am fairly certain 1, it looks for cheating programs, regardless of it’s intent. 2 probably has an extensive list of cheating programs across all platforms, and all popular/semi popular multiplayer games.

I’d play it safe, and put something on your monitor. preferably a sticky tab, or something on fishing line so you dont mess it up too bad. because if you so much as HAVE a hacking tool on your comp. active or not. EAC will catch it.

Can someone confirm this? Seems quite shady from EAC standpoint.

Sounds like your friend got banned for cheating in-game or attempting to cheat and passed it off as something else. From the amount I know about EAC and anticheats in general, pretty certain it doesn’t scan your harddrive nor would ban you simply for having a cheat completely unrelated to Rust running or installed (Exception might be things like commonly known dll injectors being running at the same time as Rust but I’m not sure if EAC even scans processes or if it’s entirely based off in-game stuff, but why would anyone have one running at the same time as Rust unless they intended to cheat?). Things like Cheat Engine I’m not sure about, but again I don’t believe you’d be banned even for just having it open, unless you were to attach it to the game and start messing around. If I could, I would be willing to bet money that he was banned for cheating on Rust and tried to cover it up by saying it was a different application.

OP: As disagreeable as it is, unless you use something that directly messes with the game client then its very doubtful you’d be banned. There are so many different ways and applications you can use to do stuff like this (Including quite easily with scripting applications like AutoIt) that it isn’t really possible to stop it. Not to mention if you are running windowed mode with an image overlayed over your screen, there’s no way for anyone to detect that.

Cushie, first you read my post and mark it as “dumb”, then someone accuses rust anticheat, and immediately you jump out to slander this member and his friend, the victim of a program that has done more than he had to do .

Because we’ve been listening to lying cheaters for almost two years in this subforum and we’ve heard it all. Don’t take ratings so seriously.

When we hear “my friend got banned for no good reason” we usually expect it means “my friend doesn’t want to admit to being caught red-handed cheating and may be lying to even me”. Because it’s been the exact case hundreds of times with VAC and EAC bans.

Whoa whoa whoa!

Didn’t mean to turn this topic into a “unfair ban” complaint. Just relaying what a friend said as it pertains to the possible workings of EAC

IDK how EAC works exactly. However it’s obvious ANYTHING you do client-side to modify can be considered cheating. EAC Isn’t a General AI so i assume it wont know or care about the difference between putting a GIF of a puppy in the lower right corner of the HUD (not cheating) and adding in an aim-assist-image (cheating). I think it just looks for anything that attaches itself to the client-side, since that makes sense. so modding the HUD or tracking movement, or forcing movement (noclip) is caught.

I just included my friend, because he told me his story, and I believe him. He very well could be covering himself. Never met him face-to-face. But if what he says is true, then EAC DOES scan your harddrive, OR the cheat he had for another game was running in the background, trying to latch on to his current game. Or he’s just not owning up to it.

Point being. I’m 99.9% sure a software based “external crosshair” is ‘Cheating’ by EAC standards. It doesn’t know what you are modifying, it just knows you are modifying something that shouldn’t be.

If you inject a crosshair into Rust you’re cheating and risking a ban, and this should come as no surprise to anyone.

If you inject anything into Rust you’re probably going to be banned for cheating.

Also just FYI so there is no confusion, I am not a Rust developer or anything to do with either anticheat Rust uses (VAC and EAC).

If running a 3rd party program gives you some kind of advantage over running the game vanilla, consider it an exploit or cheat and you open yourself to getting banned by EAC or VAC. It’s that simple. You don’t even need to ask.

  1. I didn’t rate it dumb

  2. If their anticheat banned for random programs that had nothing to do with Rust then we would hear a lot more about it. I’m just saying what is likely the truth, rather than having people read misinformation like that and think its true that they might get banned for having cheatengine or something installed on their PC.

This is true, but I’m not even aware of any ‘legit’ software that injects into the game to display a crosshair which isn’t a hack anyway. Most programs or methods for doing it just center a transparent image on your screen, which for all intents and purposes is undetectable unless they blacklist the specific application, but like I said its possible to do this so many different ways with many different legitimate applications that there’s no way they can ban most ways of doing it.

Heck, even if you inject a disadvantage, EAC doesn’t know that. Any modification considered a Cheat.

This is wrong. If it does not mess with Rust memory, it will not get you banned. EAC does check other programs currently running (it disables autohotkey for example) but external programs that don’t meddle with Rust directly should not get you banned. Because if it did ban you for simply running some program it does not like, that would be a huge breach of trust and privacy. Hell, even if you launch Rust Hax 334 but do not press inject, it should never get you banned.

Just because EAC doesn’t detect it doesn’t make it any less of an exploit, as having those crosshairs gives you an advantage over anyone that doesn’t have it - meaning the majority of people. The gamma “hack” wasn’t a hack that EAC was detecting, but it was still considered an exploit because it gave people using it an unfair advantage over those who played by the rules and didn’t use it.

So just because it doesn’t inject itself into the game doesn’t make using a 3rd party tool like crosshairs any less of an exploit.

Exploits never got you banned by EAC/VAC. Only cheats.

Like above it’s besides the point. Like the gamma trick it’s immoral and is basically cheating, but the question was would you get banned for it, and the answer is no.

Debatable. I kinda put that in the realm of Turbo controllers, and putting masking tape on your tv for the SMB3 memory game…

It’s still cheating, especially in a multiplayer context. Doing something to give yourself an advantage over other people, not intended by the developers.

If someone wanted to argue semantics I would say its not the same as exploiting because it isn’t abusing unintended functionality in the game, its outright giving yourself and advantage using 3rd party means.

Right, well talking about cheating, as in giving yourself an advantage with hardware, not software, it’s kinda in layers. Like a buddy of mine has a gaming keyboard. Tactile feedback feels so nice, and does help your game. barely, but its an advantage, that i’m sure no one has an issue with. That same keyboard and mouse set has programmable buttons on the mouse. Thats getting kinda iffy to me. especially in games with weapon swaps. I’m fumbling past 5 different items, or stopping to reach for the number “3” , and he just rolls his thumb, and bam. The same set has a built in combo-recorder. I consider that cheating, since it plays back pre-recorded button sequences. allowing him to swap, fire, and swap back, or precisely turn 180 in an instant. All actions that could be done with practice, but hardware is the shortcut. So, its not about the advantage, it’s about unfair advantage. Me using an ergonomic keyboard helps, but is far from cheating.

I was including both hardware and software; A turbo button on controllers is cheating, just as a crosshair either through software of by putting tape on your screen is, or macros either through software or programmable buttons to automate certain stuff.

Something like an ergonomic keyboard isn’t because it has nothing to do with the game and anyone could find any kind of keyboard preferable or better for them. It might be something that helps you yourself perform better, but it isn’t affecting the game or going against what the developers intended to be the case.

I don’t think there is much of a grey area with this, just as (Bad analogy incoming) athletes can eat, train, compete in shoes/clothes that they find comfortable all they want, but using quick fix means like blood doping or drugs to allow them to do things they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise is cheating.