I believe our fps can be doubled.

I believe our fps can be doubled if the devs decide to revert back to Unity version 4.2.2 till the unity team fixes whatever is wrong with 4.3 - 4.3.2.
They have done this before when they updated to 4.3 and the fps was horrible. Then FP reverted back to 4.2.2 and my fps was shitting rainbows and puppies! Now my fps has been cut in half since they updated to 4.3.2!

I know for a fact if FP reverted back to 4.2.2, a lot of people would see a huge improvement in framerate!

Please FP, anything but unity 4.3 and above. :’(

EDIT: Low end computers would see huge improvements as well!

Reverting back to 4.2.2 because you’re inconvenienced by 4.3 is counter-productive if you want them to fix what’s wrong with 4.3.

You’re the alpha tester, remember.

It would also help my brethrens whom have the same fps problems as me.

Um, me and my friends haven’t noticed any frame rate issues since the update…

It’s like you didn’t even read what I said.

Have you played before they added spike walls?

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It’s unity’s fault, not FP for the unity update. FP can’t control what unity pumps out but they can control what unity version we use. :wink:

I think i worded that wrong. Yes, i have been playing for a while, but what i ment to say was my FPS is the same as before the update, the update/unity 4.3 didnt make it rise or lower.

If you’re seeing horrid FPS, either A: your computer hardware is obsolete, B) Your video card(s) are not properly configured / SLI’d correctly, or C) You’re not looking for fixes or attempting to do them yourself, and just complaining.

My vid card is a MSI GTX760 2GB OC edition. It works great, but my hardware is obsolete, so my card can only render as many frames as my CPU is willing to pipeline out on its PCI-E x16 lane. Sadly, I will be upgrading this computer and when I do, I’m sure I won’t be seeing desync or horrid frames. Especially since I’m getting a 2nd of the same card I have, SLI’ing it, and OCing them both along with my processor. Essentially, my computer is going to be a beast compared to a dinosaur.

I don’t have the best computer and before the update I would get 40 to 50 but now it’s 20 to 25.

Trust me when I say I’ve tried EVERYTHING.
I cannot afford a new computer since I am on a college budget.

While I’d like to say I understand… I don’t.

I’ve been on unemployment budget and I’m still upgrading little bits and pieces here and there. If you want it bad enough, you can achieve it… just like with college.

I’m assuming you have a part time job? If not… I would recommend one for extra income towards not only college, but things you want.

Lets not get side trekked here please. Also, all my money goes towards my medication and gas. js

We’re not getting sidetracked. You’re talking about performance issues on an older/outdated computer. My recommendations were given, and you seem to have an excuse for everything said. So no offense, but you have no room to complain about the FPS stuttering and issues.

We’ve all provided insight. You just rebuttal every piece of input we suggest.

You want to be helped, but you don’t want to accept reality. Not much more we can tell you/offer you in terms of improving your FPS or rig if you’re unwilling to save money even if it’s $5 even.

Sorry dude, but on $133 a week unemployment and still able to put money aside for upgrades on computer parts… You can do it as well.

133 a week is also garbage. That’s the equivalent to 1-2 days worth of work minimum wage here. So my point still stands… upgrade or deal with it.

My feels…