i binded something to 1 now i cant use it to change to physgun

I un binded it and now i cant use it to change weapons, any commands or something to fix this?

open console (or options) and rebind attack1 to mouse1

So is it Bind attack1 mouse1 ?

bind mouse1 “+attack”

will this bind the key 1 to change to physgun?

key 1 like 1 above q or mouse 1(left mouse)?

above q

unbind 1; bind 1 “+attack”

Why not going in options, keyboard and use defaults.

You can change the keybindings more easily in the Options>Keyboard menu, it should have binds for each weapon slot which you can change without having to use the console


He’s asking how he can bind the number 1 on his keyboard to make it switch to the physgun, not how to making him attack his weapon when he presses the number 1

Oops i misread that

bind 1 “slot1”