I bought Garry's Mod, not Halo 4.

Every single prop / entity I look at has a halo around it. You know the halo that you used to see when you held “C”? That’s everywhere now. The patch notes didn’t say Garry’s Mod is becoming Halo, but maybe that’s part of a secret update? An easter egg perhaps? Well played Garry.

Update your game/server.

Garry fucks with Rust now. I believe _Killburn and Robotboy handle Gmod now. The latest update has done this to your beloved GMod.


Bug with GMod from the last update that caused halos to appear around all targeted players and props; it was fixed in a hotfix today.

By halo, I thought he meant the halo that you see when you spawn effects. The green circle thing.

Go to lua\includes\modules\properties.lua

Replace line 152 with

if ( !IsValid( vgui.GetHoveredPanel() ) || vgui.GetHoveredPanel() != g_ContextMenu ) then return end

The update is already out, replacing won’t do anything.