I bought rust, but I can't play. SCAMMERS

I bought this game because after testing it in my computer it ran fast (60fps) with force -freature-level-9-3 and antialias 2x to fix the sky issue. Hoping they will fix it in the near future I bought it, expecting such a good performance or better than I had.

After some update in november o decemer the removed antialias option and at the moment I cant play this game

I feel scammed, and I feel stolen, because after 2 months you havent fixed it, and I still cant play.

I encourage you /facepunch/ to fix that issue before proceeding with game development, because many users like me cant play the game we paid for.

Not to state the obvious, but how old is your GFX card, first. And second, have you updated all your drivers?

nvidia G210 + Q8300

But my hardware is not the problem, because with force freature 9-3 I can go over 60fps.

for the word “scammers” you deserve it.

a 6 year old CPU and an entry level GPU that gets outdone by integrated graphics these days? that setup would barely run minecraft, this was your own fault.

That’s adorable lol, baby’s first tantrum. Want me to make you some warm milk before putting you down for your nap?

Jesus Christ, what part of Early Access do you not get?
Of Course there will be issues!

Bug Report and Be Patient!

You mean you pirated Rust before buying it? :v:



SEriously? That is really shitty hardware

In fact, I think that that is well below recommended specs

it’s not the devs fault you have a potato for a computer

not only did you ignore “EARLY ACCESS” but lets look at this

This guy :wink:

I can show you a snapshot running rust on my PC at 60FPS with high details. Only have to set force feature 9-3-

Rust is not a real cutting-edge graphics game… They only have to fix glitchy sky and you may run Rust in a dual core. I think this is a benefit for everybody.

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I mean I used a friend’s account

I rly like you, but saying same stuff again and again isnt a good way to raise the posting counter. <3

Seriously now? You’re well below recommended specs and bitching about it not running well. It was a bad card when it was made.

and not only that but the game is not even out yet, even a 780ti will have a few issues.

This is 100% on you dude.

Well, okay then.

Try the console command “gfx.ssaa false” to turn off AA and improve frame rate. By the way, if you weren’t forcing weird DirectX levels and getting that sky glitch, the in-game AA option did nothing.

And because those directx launch options aren’t supported, there is no reason for a feature that does nothing to exist.

It is not so shitty that I can run rust at HIGH graphics with 60 FPS and 45 if I am surrounded by trees.

I NOW that it is an early acces alpha, but game doesnt need a bed or more weapons, game needs fixing issues, or at least dont remove options that fix glitches…

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WTF? look at recommended specs here

I am so above, but this is not the question, recommended specs can be inaccurate, the fact is that rust runs well in my computer, but they dont fix the glitchs and expend time adding beds, weapons, metal bars… etc

Is this 320x240, srsly stop using a calculator to run Rust.

Hey, guess what.

That glitch only appears when you force an unsupported configuration of DirectX feature levels. Garry doesn’t support these feature levels, so there is nothing to fix.

The fix is to stop using those weird launch options.

I’d have to say yes, your hardware is the problem. You might have been able to try it out by giving your GFX card a crutch, but that isn’t the case anymore. If possible, get upgrades as soon as you can. The bright side is, once you have an updated system, you won’t have to purchase the game all over again.

I tried all that console commands, but no improvements

I get 8FPS at FAST graphic level without -force-feature, and I get above 60 with MEDIUM graphic level and -force-feature

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1024x768 what is problem, it is my screen limit? if you go down 1024x768 game is buggy

The fact that you have poor performance in an unoptimized alpha is not a “bug”. It’s expected.

Forcing bizarre DX levels might get you better performance, but what you are doing is intentionally glitching the graphics engine by forcing it to run in bizarre conditions it’s not designed to run in.

As soon as you do that, all bets are off and you’re on your own. Any problems that you have, like a sky that doesn’t exist so you get the Hall of Mirrors effect, are your own problem to deal with. The devs do not care.