I bring a new idea potentially epic?

Ok so playing rust for a few days now and I’ve noticed right at the beginning it can be a bit of a pain trying to get food so I thought why not implement the following:

Fishing rod (can be made with planks)
Fishing line (made with cloth)
Fishing lure (can be made with metal fragments)

Or you could have a net that you drag through the sea etc.

Seems like a good idea to me what do you guys think? Also could see rivers/streams bought into the game which the bears could interact quite nicely with?

Jake :slight_smile:

I find that idea great, because yeah it is a pain to get food and it would be fun catching fish

The issue I have is there doesn’t seem to be anything to kill apart from bears or wolves and you will just end up getting killed attacking it I think the fishing idea would work perfectly for lots and lots of people. :slight_smile: