I broke Assmod

As you can see from the topic, I broke ASS mod. The system still works and everything is functioning properly except the ASS menu: The only thing under “Set Access” is “(none)”

Let me give you the long story:
I did something to Gmod, I have no idea what, at this point, and it needed to be reinstalled. I was afraid that the Steam backup utility wouldn’t get my addons and settings, so I made a batch file to back them all up to another folder. I reinstalled Gmod without restoring the steam backups and everything ran smoothly. Then, I restored my addons and settings, started my game, and couldn’t give super admin access to my friend other than through the console or through the users.txt file.

I have tried reinstalling ASS mod and removing all of it’s config files, but my attempts were in vein. If anyone else has experienced this problem or knows a way to add access levels to ASS mod, please do post your solution. Another note: I really don’t want a set access plugin, but if I must, I will take it.