I buy a Key and it don't work

i buy a key on playrust.com i get the key, and when i want register, it say to me “invalid rust key” if you want see i have the emails and paypal transaction number

post the key here

“my key didn’t work, send me a new one”

wink wink

email me at garrynewman@gmail.com with the rust key and your order id (not paypal transaction)

nop, i won’t say this but i don’t waste 80 dollars for nothing

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thanks garry

Why in the name of god would you pay $80 for a key!?!


9 People today paid over $70 for a key. That’s fucking retarded.

Garry i send the email

Don’t forget that this game is in alpha.

Yeah I know, that makes it worse.
I am actually and have been involved in a bunch of both open and closed alpha and betas, as well as dev level testing and would love to play this and provide feedback…But I’m not paying over $25-30 especially when I usually get a free game to test when I do anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

i send it but i don’t have any email in my reception

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finally i go in my other mail count and i found it ! thanks !

No-one’s holding a gun to your head. Some people spend $500,000 on blackjack in a weekend and get nothing in return. No-one is saying that you have to do that.