I buyed banned for hacks account! what to do?

i buyed using real money account for 5$ and other stuff costs real money what to do!!!

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i was so happy cause i finally got a key!! and then other player PM me and told me who gave u that account that account is old and banned from hacks!
@#!$% no!

Now you’re going to be poor.

Good job.

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guess your national anthem didn’t cheer you up, sorry. :frowning:

Now you’re bankrupt and will be doomed to live on the streets for life.

On a more serious note, you bought someone else’s account at your own risk and I’m pretty sure Garry frowns on this anyway.

Don’t be so stupid and buy accounts,95% of them are scammers.It’s your own fault.


Literally laughing my socks off right now.

Guys cmon this isnt right he got it because he wants to play. I traded a game for an account and was accused of as a hacker, people like us just want to play the game and we are trying to find a way to do so. Cut us some slack at least we are trying,I honestly really just want to play but with no keys what am i going to do.

We don’t want you to play the game, bypassing this limitation by buying an account ILEGALLY means you totally deserve being banned.

You shouldn’t of bought the account then. Its been said many times even by Garry himself thats its stupid to buy an Alpha account

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Well your stupid just like him. The reason you got accused as a Hacker is because the previous owner probably hacked and knew it was going to be banned soon, he got a free game out of you and you’ll lose that account soon enough hahaha

i cri evertim i see one of these threads ;’(

He does indeed, he’s going to eat his soul. NomNom

Dude don’t do it. Put the gun away, we can talk about this. We are here to help you!

You wait for the game to be released to the public just like everyone else? I don’t see WHY that’s such a hard concept for people to understand.