I buyed rust and i booted my pc and now its gone!

Hello, Rust

I buyed rust and i booted my pc and now its gone!

I buyed garrys mod and starbound and rekoil to
and there not gone
can you please contact me via steam cus i rlly want it back
and am sure that i want it TODAY

steam name: angelvb123
skype name: angel.vanberghen

please contact me as FAST as you can!

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Contact me as fast as you can if i dont get contacted in a week i have gotto report rust :confused:

You booted up your pc and it’s gone? What ever you have bought stays in your Steam Library, so it cannot be gone…

Stored on the net not your PC, your either telling lies or being silly.

You should contact Steam, not us.

Easiest solution is to check your recent transactions. If Rust is there then guess you should tell Steam. If it is not on the list then guess you thought you bought it and didn’t.

Watch out guys if someone doesn’t contact the OP he is reporting Rust.

In other news just launch Steam and download your games from there.

open steam -> goto library -> right click rust -> click install

Or maybe it’s one of them cases (not saying it is) - I can’t be bothered to buy Rust, how about I go, make a fool out my self, and pretend I bought it but now it’s magically gone:quagmire:

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Post your steam profile please.

The thing is, I am laughing at this but this could be a legit matter:suicide:

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http://www.mvhacks.net/forums/member.php?u=17784 Actually I changed my mind. Don’t help him, he will probably cheat it away anyway :v:

I had the same a while ago. I’ve started it from game folder and steam reinstalled it.

Fine, let’s all be gay!

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Detective at his best right here, +1 Lad point

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198043475866/games/ oh and actually owning Rust might help you pirate.

Oh jonny, you and your detective shenanigans :v:. #NOONESCAPES

Ok, bring it down just a tad