I Came here to rant

I have 2 major problems with the new garrys mod

  1. No fucking turrents. Why would u remove them?

  2. Dumplicator shows no shadow of the thing you are coping, making it impossible to build.

Turrets were removed because they were horrible, as Garry said, and I’m sure a duplicator ghost is in the works, or at least something to ease the building task.

How can the duplicator ghost be in the works when it has been finished for 10 years?

The duplicator was completely re-worked, they’ll add the ghost soon.

I think that in multiplayer, they will show on another player if they are about to paste one.

The turrents will also be finished soon. Gayry just needs to root hise shit so that we can al use uTurrent to get addons.

Here, have a working GMod 13 turret stool: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/54545396/GMod%2013%20Turret.rar

Turrets were a non-tool. They were never used for construction.

As for the duplicator stuff, it’s been covered pretty concisely.

What I’m concerned about is the lack of the advanced ballsocket. I can only hope that Garry is going to improve upon it immensely and release it in an upcoming patch in the same way he did gm_snapdegrees (which he nailed, btw).