I can design your Loading Screen or Clan/Game-Server Website!

Hello there,

I’m opening my services again for anybody that wants their Garrysmod loading screen customized or they want a full clan/game-server website. My work is cheap and the finished
product is very professional for just a small price.

Previous Works



£50 for a fully functioning Website.
£10 for a Loading Screen with SteamAPI and all the other good stuff.


Contact me via PM or steam


Again, not the freakin’ place to advertise your work.

Since their is no place to advertise your works in HTML and CSS based languages that are used in ‘Garrysmod’ thus making it a Garrysmod Developer Discussion,
There is no actual place to advertise your works in these languages.
Nothing conflicts in the rules since it clearly states not to advertise your works for LUA based languages, since this is not a script, but more of a website. To tick the boxes of this
forums purpose we first need to understand if this is development, which is Yes, then we need to state if this is a ‘Developer’ development, since I would call my self a developer again that’s a
yes, and then we need to find out if this is in fact a garrysmod development, which it is.


It also doesn’t say that you can’t kill people, does it mean you can?
Use a common sense.

While there aren’t any specific rules saying that, if I go to coderhire.com the first thing I’m presented with is at least two load screens.

If I go to this subforum the only post I see offering a load screen is yours.


You can also use this since it’s for web development content.

Wow Facepunch can be so hostile sometimes. Admittedly there is nothing such as a ‘Developer Discussion’ for what OP is doing, so I don’t think this is the best place for it, but Jesus that doesn’t mean the rest of you can be complete dicks.

Well we let coderhire “advertise” itself here, so I guess we can’t turn this down.

The difference is that _Undefined is advertising a website strictly related to scripting and gmod addons, while this guy is just advertising his own stuff, that aren’t even scripts.

how about you shut the fuck up and get the dick out of your ass, why does it matter to you OMFG. Get over it its not hurting or affecting you directly so why are you so hostile

He’s already been shamed from the web dev forum, and for those same reasons (he got the thread deleted) I wouldn’t trust him.

its not really about the person at this point its just ridiculous to see how everyone is so hostile towards each other it seems like the face punch community is one of the meanest ones i have seen

I’m not trying to be hostile, nor am I saying you should be hostile toward him, just letting everyone know that they’re taking a risk by doing business with the OP.

Basically I’m only saying something because OP is a scumbag for being a scumbag in the past, not just for advertising.

What if he’s turning over a new leaf?

He could be and I hope he is, but it’s basically the exact same OP he’s advertised with in the past minus the ripped ‘portfolio’ he was using. I’m rooting for you Haskell.

Damn this guy is some hardcore programmer you should ask garry for a job.