I can no longer browse my garrysmod/models directory.

Whenever i make an attempt to browse some folders, gmod just crashes

Also, here are my specs if necessary.

vista x64

4gb ram
AMD anthlon 7750 Dual core
512MB Sapphire Radeon HD 4830

Do you have to browse them while you’re in-game?

Yes, mainly because half the releases we see are neither addons or have spawnmenus.

Oh, you mean when you browse the folders in-game in the spawn menu it crashes?

If so, maybe you have too many?


Or maybe something newly installed, a model which is too hard to render, or something like that. You never know

I do believe i have too much crap. Is there a way to not generate spawn icons?

Make sure your computer is set to allow enough virtual memory.

I’d suggest you delete some crap that you don’t use anymore, since it both speeds up loading times and less time launching the game.