I can no longer start Gmod

After update 164, every time I start up Garry’s mod, it shows loading, then closes for no reason. I use a Windows 8, and there is a file called hl2_linux in my files, and I’m sure it wasn’t there before. What’s going on?

P.S. Either roll this update back or patch it up, Garry.

P.P.S. This update was done by MaxOfS2d? There’s something else going on here…

Any dump files?


Check username/garrysmod, for any .mdmp files

got plenty of crash files. How do I Open them?

god… how do I post them all here?

Click share without download, copy the URL you are at and paste it here. Just the last couple will do.


like that?

Come take a peek inside then tell me what you see.

On a scale of dumbass to dumbfuck, How new are you.

I clocked 47 hours since February.

Mod delete this thread NOW.