I can not build nothing into my house

Hi guys I’m trying to build some furnaces and boxes but I can’t.

Is that a bug of the new update?


You are not alone about this, it seems to be global.

Stop complaining. Its in alpha.

It should be fixed soon enough. They’re aware of it.

It hardly sounds like they’re complaining, Pandeh. They’re just asking wtf is going on.

People like you make these forums a far less friendly place than they should be. Run along now. There must be a few more threads like this where you can post your pointless comments to make yourself feel better.

Yup I just made a sarcastic joke as I have seen that answer to so many threads on here. Wanted to feel how it was to do one of them.

Not really anything special, unless you really defend the game being shit. Then I would see some potential, but yea. It was sarcasm on the internet, and we all know that does not work :slight_smile:

“can not build nothing”

So, what’s the problem then? Sounds like you can build everything…