I can not Found my Server in the server list

Why does my server I do not see
Hey people, I have since yesterday a server with Rust + + but it does not appear under my moddet servers and not on the community server side

what’s the problem

ask your GSP (game server provider)

I have he said I should ask in forum

Your GPS sucks then

hatte ich schon er meinte ich soll in Forum fragen

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My game server hosting says it is not due to them

due to what else? are you on that cheap one man show company called “DeinServerHost.de”?
then you know why it doesnt work properly!

so … your GSP tells you to ask on a forum?
dude they should fix it
get another GSP

what is the best Server Hoster

So tell me, why are you thinking it’s caused by the gsp ? There are servers showing up and some which aren’t listed with the same ip address but different ports.

Igel try this, stop the server, remove all addons and wipe the server (remove all files from the hosting panel, ALL)
then restart the server without any addon and check if it pops up in the list or if you can connect using net.connect IP

get your server IP, if its your server thats easy to do. launch rust. hit f1, than type net.connect “iphere” without the quotes around your IP.

if your server is up, you will join and it will now be in your history