I can only see props and people

I remember exactly what happened, I recenetly downloaded spacebuild 3, and i was playing on this server. I had made my puddle jumper into a space ship and when i went out in space, i pressed alt, i think it takes makes the weapon ready and increases the speed. After just some seconds my oxygen compressor explodes ( I didn’t know it doesn’t work in space ) and everything becomes blue, only thing i can see is my ship and some other props in the world. After that i tried rejoining which didn’t solve the problem and I joined a different server: this image shows how it looks like right now http://img547.imageshack.us/img547/4538/36395681.th.jpg

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Can you guys please tell me how to fix this? I know that if you go out a little bit out of the map as spectator this happens, but now when i am alive i still can’t see the world.
computer specs:
intel core 2 duo, 2.60GHz
ram 3.00GB
operating system vista 32bit
graphics card ATI radeon HD 3600 series

I am pretty sure something with spacebuild had to do with this.


I just went into single player and found out that the map is fine, I will join a multi player server and see.

The oxygen compressor shouldn’t explode unless its damaged.ANY tool in spacebuild explodes when damaged. If someone attacked you and it exploded it would’ve been OBVIOUS! So that leaves the possibility of prop collision…do you have this in single player and/or other non-spacebuild servers OR even on servers you’ve never visited before!

I had joined this server for like third time i think, and the game mode was SB3, i really don’t want to delete my gmod because i have addons for over 3gb… =(

You didnt answer “do you have this in single player and/or other non-spacebuild servers OR even on servers you’ve never visited before!”.Anyways for me it keeps my addons.Also the TONS of addons might cause problems.Also you can just rename the current garrysmod folder to “garrysmodold” or something like that.Start gmod and join a RANDOM server.If it works its an addon problem!

Sorry man i interpreted the question completely wrong, i just edited my post and said that I can see the world in single player, now i just found it its working again, so topic closed