I can Security settings on the server

Hello developers!
I say so much trouble with the game RUST
I can not go to the game server as alleged ball banned new patch anti-cheat … I bought it not long before he was banned. I have no idea for what has been banned!
Status VAC in steam “My account is not locked” My Account in steam “lord_of_the_three_planets”
what can I do please help.

You have been caught using Dizzy’s ESP hacks by Cheatpunch.

Your Steam ID is STEAM_0:0:58649247


Plug it into the ban checker. You got caught a month ago, you’re banned, it’s permanent.

so clear … but I have not used this Dizzy’s ESP hacks
all that he was doing: included fps and increased screen brightness on your computer what to see in the dark! this is the so-called Dizzy’s ESP hacks???

If you change the files in any way or shape or form…it is detected and you will be banned

Is there anyway to see the screenshots of banned players or are they only available for the facepunch staff?

No there is not

I still do not run cheats (((
I just improved gaming performance with the aid of the program “to improve optimization Games” + screen brightness changed from his manitora
and system, game Fail I have not changed! ((((

You may or may not have been aware of what you are doing. Fact is…it is a cheat,again…whether or not you knew it is.
Now, the only way to get back onto Rust is to start a new steam account and pay another 20$