I can see through some objectives.

As i post my first post, i request for help

The problem is, that i see through some same props, all the time, no matter that i reboot the game. (birds are included)

Some pictures about the problem:


Help, anyone?

You mean Objects or Props?

Oh yes, props.

Try updating graphics drivers

I don’t think it has anything to do with drivers. This happened to me on certain multilayer build servers sometimes, using the color tool’s reset feature fixed it though.

Try resetting the color on one of your spawned props, and see if it fixes it.

It looks like the props are ghosted?
Like when you are pasting something with the Adv. Duplicator
Try updating Adv. Dupe too.

What the hell could Advanced Duplicator have to do with this, Goz3rr?

OP, what settings are you running at, and what graphics card do you have? I don’t know much but any information might allow me to help.

Im running the settings at the maximum, and my graphic card is Nvidia GeForce Gt 130 with memory 4077 MB (i checked this with DxDiag)

Sorry for the bump, i need help