I can supply Models, but they need to be converted

As I stated in the Title, i can get my hands on a lot of models from other games and i need some one who can put them in the format for Garry’s Mod, to become Npc’s or Ragdolls. So can anyone take up this offer?
I can get my hands on every single Final Fantasy X-2 model and i dont want to waste a bunch of time uploading each and every one so if there is a specific Dressphere or anything ask me and ill find it and Upload it for you ^^

If you have some models already, you should put up the links. There aren’t many people here who convert models for use in GMod, but if you at least give some links I’m sure one of them will pick them up when they get a chance.

Thats a good Idea thanks for the recomendation ^^