I can`t download addons on Garry`s Mod since yesterday

I cant download addons to Garrys Mod in the game!
Yesterday I was downloading update of Garrys Mod. Suddenly my electricity turned off! When I turned on Garrys Mod, all what I have saved was gone, and I cant download new addons. I dont even see a screenshot of addon! Help me please! I rebuted my computer and reinstalling Garry`s Mod and I have this problem yet! What should I do? Please, help

Checked local files via Steam?

Where can I chek it?

Libary -> Gmod Rightklick -> Properties -> Local files -> Vertify Game Cache

Thanks. I`ll check it

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It didn`t helped =(


Try to remove all GMA files from addons folder. It should make Garry’s Mod redownload them automatically, one of them seems to be corrupted and game is not able to repair it.