I can' t get on any server!

Hi, I wanted to try out Prop Hunt but I can’t login to ANY server. It gets up to requesting server info and then stops and crashes at about 75% into that.

I have played on another serer before but now I can’t join any. Iv reinstalled Gmod, defraged it, restarted steam, and restarted my PC. Im out of ideas. Anyone have any other ideas I can try?

Try updating your graphics drivers, and try clearing out these 2 folders:

Thx. I finaly got into a server. Thing is that it was a crap server anyway. Itran fine untill it got 9+ people in it. Then I couldn’t shoot anything. But I love how stuip some hunters can be, they never look up. One spot that hasn’t failed yet is right above a door that everyone uses! I have to taunt sometimes for them to even check anything. Fun mode.