I Cannot Change the Gamemode...

In my Garry’s Mod server files it isn’t allowing me to change the server. In the autoexec.cfg file I have added “gamemode DarkRP” also in the start.bat I added the line +gamemode DarkRP, but every time I try to start the server it comes up with this line “Couldn’t change active gamemode - ‘DarkRP’ not found”. Before you post about other threads that have come up with pretty much the same problem I want to say that I have viewed over 10 different threads with this problem and NONE of them have helped me.

Idiot me… You should change it to +gamemode darkrp

I thought its darkrp, not DarkRP. I may be wrong though.

It seems like it doesn’t matter

More likely than not it’s OS dependant (Windows doesn’t care about capitals in filenames, Unix does).