I cannot get on any Gmod server.

Okay ALL other online games work for multiplayer but Gmod won’t work for ANY server?! As soon as it gets to the VERY end of server loading it freezes and either has to be closed with task manager or i have to restart my computer? It simply won’t work? All help is appreciated.

It’s called waiting unlike most other source games garry’s mod can take a good while to load

I mean it freezes when loading the LAST lua file. Gmod was never like this befor I had my computer wiped and I had to redownload it and EVERYTHING else. Before that it loaded at a slightly faster than average pace. (Assuming average is 1-3 minutes)

try verifying the integrity of the cache files

I’m guessing it shows 1 file left…

all you need to do is wait, its sending client info, and yes it will go not responding lol.

You probably have way too many addons.