"I cannot live without books." -Mechanical Assistant: Newton

This isn’t a comeback or some crap, I’m still out of the game for a while. I won’t be posting many pictures until my breaks. Moving tends to put things off kilter. This is just something I cooked up and may expand if I have the time. I won’t go into my life story of ‘why’ because this is not a blog.


They maybe hate humans, but they love books.

your lighting effects are still way too glowy and your images always have bleached colors which really tick me off STOP DOING THAT BEN WOLFE

So much midtone…


I like it.

I can’t remember what this reminds me of, but dammit it’s reminding me of some movie.

how does one get those mech models, i cant find them on garrysmod.com

Sorry, I just can’t stand looking at that picture.


now it’s too contrasted

way to go

I don’t wish to sound harsh (or seem harsh, considering how it can be difficult to determine one’s mood over text) but now the picture has been made into what people seem to expect from pictures of stolidity. They make it dark and dreary. That’s one thing I wanted to draw away from (albeit subconsciencely. As I think more into Newton’s purpose and journey I discover the world he is in). I want to do the opposite while still retaining the sense of loniness or hopeless ness.

Picture, for instance, a nightclub, one of the most active places in an urban area. However, picture that nightclub crowded by people who died of an affliction right on the spot. The light show is still going, the music is silent (playlist ended or something) and here you have one person (or in this case robot) passively observing the area. The only sound heard is from the machine and his mechanic parts or his foot prints. Or picture a child’s birthday party in a backyard on a sunny summer day. An energetic time of day, however it is over-shadowed by the depressing sight of the dead.

I’m drawing away from ‘the norm’ of the typical subject matter, as I have often tried, and while this is not the best example; it is one of many. Playing on emotion, by making an ordinarily ‘happy’ atmosphere that is no longer happy because of tragedy; is something (I, at least) find a lot more interesting than ‘years into the future rusted vehicles and whatever’ for Newton to be in.

I make it sound a lot more poetic and artsy than how I first envisioned it, but I supposed I subconsciencely take that sort of thing into account.

“Lonely” picture are better with a lot of contrast. I forgot to tone down the saturation on that one.

While “happy” pictures are less contrasty and have saturated colors with blown out highlights.

I totally understand your point, but you actually made the picture worse.

aside from the above by ben about why he didn’t do that, why should everyone have to follow arbitrary conventions like that? why do ‘lonely’ pictures have to be dark? i wasn’t aware that when someone’s feeling lonely the sun suddenly decreases energy output by an order of magnitude and various materials totally change their chemical and atomic structure in order to alter their reaction to light hitting them.

Not really. Cliche contrast definitely works pretty well. But usually flatter colours tend to be more dreary, more gray, more alone if you will. And it works often better.

Contrast works really well for strong energetic pictures. Or at least colour contrast.
Imagine a party again. You’ll definitely get two colours there which strongly contrast against each other. - Green grass and vegatation and I can guarantee you that a lot of the highlights will be red. Clothes, balloons, party elements etc.

To cut myself short. The grayness and overall muted colours of the picture works extremely well. Since it evokes two feelings
a) some kind of disease (even made stronger with the dead in the background)
b) lonelyness.

i love when people try and argue that colour manip is absolutely necessary to convey a feeling, because we all know colour manipulation happens in real life to reflect our mood

Of course it’s not necessary. Nevertheless it helps. Make a picture and use two different colour manip’s on it. You can convey completely different feelings with it. Hell there’s a reason why colour correction is used a lot in hl2.

A lot? Hah. Barely. The Half-Life games and Source games in general do so little in terms of post-processing, one of the many reasons they all look so horribly dull.

If you want to see some colour correction, go and play Kilzone 2.

Actually if I remember correctly, there’s a bunch of colour correction going on. Not in giant ammounts, but it’s present.

Anyhow, thanks for the comments and such.