I cannot successfully add a reference bone to a TF2 Model for use in Dota 2

I want to replace kunkka’s sword with the holy mackerel for tf2, to do that i need to add a bone called “sword_1” to the model, the problem is that no matter what i do i cannot make this bone show up after compiling.

I’ve got two different QC’s that are failing at different things, here’s the first one ~

This is the sharedbones.qci

I’m using notepad++ to compile it with this command -

This is the console readout after compiling

The problem with this QC is that it doesn’t actually create any files at the output destination, No errors, No files, nothing effectively happens.

Here is the second QC -

Here’s the command i’m using for this one.

Here’s the console readout, with an error.

This one doesn’t produce any files either, i’ve spent hours trying to solve this bbox issue and it’s driving me insane, if i remove the “sword_1” line it will compile successfully, but the sword_1 bone will obviously be gone.

I’ve uploaded all the QC files involved below if there’s anything you need to see, including max/fbx files for max 11 as well as the source files of the mackerel model, in case there is some problem there.

Link : http://ge.tt/api/1/files/3HsDEfl/0/blob?download

I think i’ve given all information necessary, now i just hope someone will read this and help out T_T.

The bone your naming also has to be in the actual .smd too last I knew.

I forgot to add that to the post, it is already, here’s a readout ~

Here’s the dmx.smd (Not posting the triangle part as it would be too long)

And the animation, idle.smd ~