I canot become admin of my server !!!!!!!

I made a dedicated server for gmod and I canot become the super admin of it.

I have tried going into the user.text file and putting my steam name in the box after superadmin. and then my steam thing you get by typing status in console. And that did not work!!!

I have tried installing assmod and typing ASS_GIVEOWNERSHIP and then my ip thing.

(WHAT AM I DOING RONG!!!) Can somone make a video or a picture to show me what i need to do. I have looked googled youtubed everywhere any nobody can help me. Please somone help me.

Goto your server and type rcon_password <your rcon password here>
then type rcon Ass_GiveOwnerShip <your name>

i will try it. Thanks if it works. (I HAVE TO GO OUT) so i will try it l8ter.


when i type rcon ASS_GIVEOWNERSHIP and then my name. All it says is bad arcon password.

Did you do rcon_password “your rcon password here” first?

yes i did do rcon_password first.


I had to do the (ASS_GIVEOWNERSHIP) in the comand prompt.


I hope this helps anyone that had the same problem.

Awful parents for buying their kids a server.

lol fail