I can's load anything wthout crashing.

The instruction at “0x13b4632d” referenced memory at “0x110fb018”. The memory could not be “read”.

That is the exact error I get when I try to load any maps at all. It loads for a bit, then beeps and gives me that error. Does anyone know what it means and how to fix it? Thanks.

Either your RAM isn’t working properly or you need to update your Windows.

Source: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/262490/EN-US/

I have this same problem, I installed the next service pack on that link but I still have the same error as the OP. Could you explain how my RAM couldn’t be working properly?

I officially have aboslutley everything up-to-date. Drivers, GMOD, operating system, and I still get the same error any time I try to load anything.

Memory errors… IDK… I don’t really know how to dig around in memory/address space.

Well, this seems like I will never get the solution. It’s sad because I can’t even play Garrys Mod and I ask again, how can I solve the RAM errors and what are they?

The most common way for RAM to quit working, is a stuck bit. There are various memory testing softwares that can help you check to see if your ram is malfunctioning, such as memtest. Although be warned, it can take many hours to fully test your ram.

It basically works like this. The data being processed by your computer is temporarily saved in your RAM for quick access while your processor works on it and decides what to do (you might already know this). The data is saved in bits. When your RAM has a stuck bit (or worse), any data put into the RAM that fills the corrupt area won’t change properly. Then when CPU reads the invalid data, it crashes, even though the original data on the hard drive is just fine.

#1 killer of ram is accidentally touching the metal parts on the chip. Even a slight static shock you wouldn’t notice can hurt it. Although ram can also go bad just from age, being off brand, rarely overheating, etc.

The thing is, everything was working fine until the update before the one that fixed gameinfo.txt. Even after that it was screwy. I was even playing fine that morning, then after the update everything was broken!
I don’t have any other problems running other programs or other source engine games.
I will try the memory test but I really think it’s something to do with the updates.

Well, I never said it WAS your ram causing the error, that was the others. I was just answering how ram can malfunction. The new update has broken a lot of stuff. While my gmod personally mostly works now, I still cannot play it due to my mount settings all screwy. I’m sure it will all be fixed in due time though.

As for your ram, it can’t hurt to test it just to rule out possibilities ^^

Bumped because I haven’t been able to play GMOD in a couple weeks and I really need help!