I can't access basic hl2 weapons

I can enter in the console the command to give me the weapon, but impulse 101 doesn’t work and the weapons are accessible in the main weapon bar without putting in a command for each individual gun, i have hl e1 and hl e2


Should it say Half life 2 in my in game extensions because it only has episode 1 and 2, lost coast, but no regular "Half Life 2’

When you start the server there should be an option to spawn with Weapons, it must be unchecked.

I dont see it

It’s hard to find now. There are some icons on the right.

In order to use the impulse 101 command, you have to type in the console to activate the use of “cheats” “sv_cheats 1”. This will enable cheats to be entered and you can then enter it in by accessing the developers console. P:S: Do not do this on a online server, if its vac enabled you may get banned…Just found that out about a couple of days ago when this happened to me on multiplayer sandbox.

You don’t get banned for sv_cheats being set to 1, it’s a game command, they can’t ban you for something they placed in the game.

VAC doesn’t ban for concommands.
Only .dll’s and such.

Jesus. I love wacky incorrect VAC stories.

  1. Enable VAC in GMod
  2. ???
  3. Stupid!

While it’s true that sv_cheats must be 1 in order for impulse 101 to function, sv_cheats is a SERVER-SIDE command. As such, if the server doesn’t have sv_cheats set to 1, it won’t work anyway.

Also, you won’t get VAC banned for using convars.

sv_cheats 1 in console.

sv_weapons 1 or 0 , you will have to try it


sbox_weapons 1