I cant access my account

How do i login to my account? it was made before alpha was closed there was no email what do i do?

>No email


This sucks XD

i Think this is fake…

You only have 3 posts,so I think you are lying.Alpha was closed a long time ago.People aren’t stupid,you ain’t getting a new key.

Im not asking for a key and so what if i just joined the forums ask my friends in game, cozza rutku starbooch ass bandit ninja cheeto they know becasue i used to play with them i only recently joined to forums to ask if anything can be done.

proof i used to play the game

do you have any proof that that’s your account?

Honestly what can i prove? what can i go with when i click on my Favorited tab playrust.com/play on my computer it would go and start loading up the game and then id play but i was logged out somehow and i cant login b/c the username isnt an email.

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so much distrust in this community, totally gone to crap its sickening -_-

Guys, i can vouch for control point.

Me and 3 other people kept him inside (or so we thought) of a house for like an hour until he grenaded out XD


Cant believe you forgot us, jombo23, esco, tb002 and snoopy D:

lol id never forget that but when i logged in again after that my house was gone :c

if it is the real you, why dont you tell me where your house was, and what was literally 30 feet from it so i can confirm it and inform pat or helk unlike the assholes here

yay, 100th post :l what a thing to waste it on

Gratz but the maps been wiped so what do you mean ?

Just tell me where your house was on the map before the wipe. It shouldnt be that hard. And then what was about 30-40 feet behind your house


And if you dont know that map that well, just give landmarks and or take a look at the rust map on playrust.net

No, I think the guy’s legit

keep your pants on, unless youve actually played with this guy, just go back to your corner and stop being sarcastic

I’m not being sarcastic, I’m telling the truth here
[del]Nobody would jump through this many hoops just to snag a rust key[/del]
Nevermind; but still he seems to be telling the truth

alright this is easy since i never left the area did constant raids for wood/rocks/crate loot and decent visual memory and bugged neighbors :wink: (im logged out in that area)

(assuming that the ocean is south) my first house was facing south with a 1 story wooden house with a room filled with loot a door another door and tb002 and others door way there was multiple raided shacks west and behind my house, a fortress with ramps leading to metal doors as an entrance later being barricaded, that first house was deleated so for a few days i was in a shack and i moved bit north-west to a camp that was north-east of the same factory that was surrounded with barricades with rutkus house being closest to the mountain inside of the the road

thats what i remember happening while i was in the area idk if it makes sense to you but ask and ill clarify its kinda a story or me being in the area

Accepted, the next time i see pat or helk in game ill tell them, ill also see if i can get the others to help out!

Sorry this has happened to you bro

but the thing is that i cant login because it requires an email and the account was made before emails were needed and now i cant do anything