I can't be arsed testing this anymore. Hackers have ruined it.

It’s not the KoS muppets that bother me, it’s that each and every day a bunch of brand new script kiddies find a cheat engine and go out of their way to ruin everything.

First it was all the speed hackers, then it was people flying, now there are invisible people? Come on Garry. How the HELL are we supposed to find bugs, test them out and report them to you if we’re getting swamped by cheaters, hackers and script kiddies every day? Do you REALLY want this to become another DayZ? Is it going to take a year for you to pull your finger out and finally get around to addressing the issue like Dean Hall?

The ONLY place I can find refuge away from these window lickers is in my camp on the opposite end of the island, but there’s nothing there but trees and hills so it’s a lonely existence.

Show you’re better than Dan Hall. Sort this problem out as soon as you can and not some time next year and you WILL become more popular than DayZ. Until then it’s just a mediocre beta with barely anything in it that’s infested with hackers.

Regards, UnholyKyono.

Garry never thinks that hackers are a problem until he stumbles upon this magnificent thread. When he does see this thread, he will instantly realise that hackers are a cancerous problem, and he will start working on cutting them down.

Thanks to you, UnholyKyono, Rust will have the potential to become the greatest game ever, with no hackers.

This game which has been out for years now shall finally be fixed.

i still have proof of speedhackers i lost over 1000 ammo for each gun, and i had maybe around 10 of each gun, i lost it to a bunch of speed hackers we managed to hold em back for 45 min but no dev help came.

You guys have to read about things.
The devs aren’t just going to join the server while you ‘hold them off’ and ban them.
They’re just not going to give a shit because hackers can’t be dealt with.

This. You can’t test shit if you can’t create a home, and get a moment, what with all the axe murderers outside.
I wouldn’t blame Garry though, Pat and Helk are the main developers.
They seem to have their priorities wrong. Hackers and Glitched walls are some of the main problems in the game, but they have gone unaddressed, including that long time the game was out, with no explanation and no improvements made.
Fixing the hackers would be easy, since they’re all script kiddies using cheat engine, rather than custom code.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Garry is deliberately permitting the hacks as to focus on other things. You don’t sit and create an anticheat which will have 30 iterations from here and launch, you wait until you’re ready to release your game. You then sit back, patch up every issue there is that your debug logs have been recording people abusing the fuck out of, fix the easy hacks, and then stomp out the harder ones in one fell swoop. Doing anything else at this stage is hilariously stupid.