I cant collect no wood

I brought the game today and started running around and getting killed many of times by annoying people to put it nicely. Well I managed to collect wood on the first server I tried and now I can even get any wood on any server now.
I cant even learn how to play the game now. Very frustrated

First off, it’s “I can’t collect any wood,” “I can’t collect no wood” is a double negative. Also, what do you mean by you can’t get any wood now? Just chop down a tree.

I get rock. Rock go bash againist tree. Nothing falls from tree. Me sad :frowning:

LOL this guy is kind of funny.

thats how we country folk talk

Sounds like you might be in “no mans land” its a area where there are no resources or animals, what I would suggest is hit F1 then type suicide and hopefully you will end up in a better area.

I suggest checking your inventory, the tree doesn’t actually fall or anything.

I got it to work for a while, if its not people killing use naked guys or zombies biting into my primative neck. Its the unplayable lag. Damn this is game is hard to start. Is it possible to start a server with no people in ??

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Tried again and its a no go again, tried the suicide but I cant get any loot what so ever now

Keeps happening I had a good play this morning. The server was letting me get resources but now it does not

if leaving the server and rejoining solves it you are experienceing the dysnc bug. If not im not sure.

tried leaving and going back in but with no success tried reinstalling, validating the files. Restarting the pc and steam. it just seems like I can only get it to work once in a blue moon.

I have also found that if I keep hacking at a tree it will say no more wood, but there is no wood in my inventory

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Also noticed that my ammo does not get used and animals wont attack me but I can talk to people on the server