I can't connect to any Rust server!

hello community,
I have a really big problem with Rust.
Whenever I start Rust and want to connect to a server, breaks the wifi connection in the whole house
and only and only when I close the game, the WLAN connection comes on again.
I bought the game last saturday and I’ve been looking all the time after the problem.

Here are a few details:

  • I have the Fritz!Box Fon Wlan 7360 SL with a 50k line
  • The connection I have with a Fritz!Wlan USB Stick
  • My computer have a Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit

I would maybe get a new computer or get it fix or get a new router cuz other then that I don’t know what else to do and I don’t think no 1 else dose to sorry man. hope this helps :smile:

Does this happen after you open the server browser?


You may just need to use F1 to connect to a server or wait it out. Happens on my desktop, but clears up shortly after its done pulling down the server list.

Take a screenshot of your console when attempting to connect, please?

I do not understand quite what you will say but the Wlan connection failed when I click on play game by rust

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How can I make a screenshot? :slight_smile:

F12 in Steam

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Sry for asking but where can I find the pictures from steam?

I just checked them, looks like you just didn’t tag them right. Your console is empty so I am not exactly sure how to help you. Try reinstalling.

Nobody can help me I was on more then 5 Forums and they always saied I can’t help you and I’ve reinstalled it often enough

delete the game, reboot, re-install.

then when you open the server list… wait for it to finish downloading. then connect.

post back

No the Wlan connection breaks down when I’m clicking play game after a few seconds :confused:

if the server list is working, then the game is ok…

try using a wired connection to your router to test.