I can't connect to any server for longer than about 5 minuets

So I bought this game yesterday on steam and no matter what server I try to get onto whether it is an official one or a community one I get one of three errors:
If I am trying to get onto a server it’s either: Connection failed or You’re already logged onto a server
When I do eventually get on a game after a certain amount of time up to about 5 minutes it kicks me off and says I was disconnected.
Is there a way to fix this because I haven’t been able to play much of the game and it’s really annoying.


try looking for a server with low ping

I’ve only been joining servers with a ping of 75 or less.
Any other suggestions?

Try ours maybe :3 we have a high uptime - and have never been down unless for an update of plugins etc. The only reason i can think you could be kicked is due to corrupt game files or for violation

Teamspeak IP: ts3.uk-rust.com:19377
Server IP: