I can't connect to this server

After this server was updated. I could not longer connect because of this |
LAN servers are restricted to local clients (class C).

I know it is not lan server because the ip starts with 69 and not 192.

So how do I fix it on my end and the servers end?

sv_lan 0 then change the map.

That doesnt work for my servers… :S what

our server is giving us the same issue and all the settings are correct

How to fix it:
Go to the orangebox folder in the srcds(or whatever your servers root folder is) and make a file called steam_appid.txt put 4000 in it and it should work


On the server


Its at the servers end, garry broke all GMod servers

Thanks tobba! :smiley:

There is a possible fix to this error. You can always give it a try . or wait until an official fix comes out